Unlock GoodBarber's Magic

Creating a beautiful app would not have been possible without tools for Developers. Discover all what you can use to make your GoodBarber app even more tailor made. Create deeply integrated custom features with the GoodBarber App API or build solutions around your Content or eCommerce app with our public APIs.

Feed your creativity by exploring the practical examples available on our Github. These concrete examples will guide you in the creation of unique functionalities, offering you a constant source of inspiration. Discover how to implement original ideas and adapt them to your own project to create a beautiful app.

We hope you'll find it useful. For a full list, see our GitHub.

Custom features

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    GoodBarber App API Demo

    This project shows all the methods of the GoodBarber App API you can use to create your Custom code section..

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    Links example

    This project shows you how you can make a link to an internal page of a GoodBarber Custom code section. It demonstrates also how to pass parameters to this internal page. To illustrate this, when the user type is name in the field, a new page is opened saying hello to that name.

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    Requests example

    This project shows you how you can send a request to an external API in a GoodBarber Custom section. To illustrate this, when the user click on the button, a request is sent to the Cat Fact API.

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    Storage example

    This project shows you how you can use storage with the GoodBarber App API. It's also an example of how you can implement a taking note feature in GoodBarber.

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    User example

    Using the GoodBarber App API you can get informations about the current user logged into your application. This project shows you how to do it.

API integrations

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    Content custom feeds

    You can create your own custom feeds, respecting the specifications of the Content API. Once these JSON content feeds are created on your website, you'll be able to add them as sources of your sections, using the Custom connector. The values handled by the app are simple. Each element inherits from the Item type, and has some type specific attributes (like articles, videos, events, photos, ...).

  2. See on Github

    eCommerce API Examples

    Here you can find some examples of custom development you can do on a GoodBarber Shop application.

Internal libraries

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    This library is used in the Android native engine of GoodBarber. It handles Android RecyclerViews items removing boilerplate code and automatically manage the different types of elements on the List.